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Decrease Bad Debt, Decrease Payroll, Increase Cash Flow,
by Using SNA Collections Manager!

How much are you loosing in bad debt at your storage facility?
How much are you loosing in bad debt at your storage facility? How much could you reduce your payroll expense if your staff did not have to make as many collection calls? Did you know you can reduce that figure with a simple tool built into Sitelink?

Sample Savings with Collection Manager

    Collections Manager is…

  • Makes automated collections calls and sends automated text messages to your delinquent customers with an automated message that you can customize and then routes them to your call center or manager for payment
  • Integrated with Sitelink for seamless assistance with collections calls and text messages
  • Messages are deployed as often as you would like and calls automatically stop when a tenant pays
  • Complies with all collections laws and practices
  • Set it one time and no monthly or daily administration needed…We will even record your messages
  • Collection Manager has no NET cost to your facility after reduction in bad debt is considered…In fact it will make you MORE NET revenue.*

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